Sinotruk Heater Assembly AZ1630840014

Sinotruk Heater Assembly AZ1630840014 for Howo

Product Details
Part NumberAZ1630840014
NameSinotruk Heater Assembly
Specification Howo Truck
 Place of originJInan, China
Delivery PortANY Port
Payment TermsL/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Weight1.75 kg
Size345*150*145 mm


Company sales advantage lies in :
1. Our staff of skilled HOWO, STR, SHACMAN heavy accessoier professional knowledge, such as the configuration of the truck is very understanding. For questions put forward by the customer, can be solved in time,  to ensure that the interests of the customers.
2. The price advantage is obvious. My company will provide preferential price, reliable product quality, let company customer satisfaction.
3. The variety is complete, the goods in time. My company's long-term operating china truk parts, stock sufficient inventory.
4. To know well the process of foreign trade. In the transportation and packing and so on provide favorable support for foreign trade companies, to ensure the safety of the goods, perfect, easy to count.

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